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CCM Retro Flex Sr – Alternate Method




CCM Hockey’s website provides an easy to use, visually enhanced tool that aids customers in choosing their desired colors and specs for their gear. At the end of the customization process, it will generate a unique reference number that can be used to submit the chosen specs to CCM. Each reference number can contain any combination of leg pads, catchers and blockers and various quantities of each for a unique CCM series (ex Extreme Flex Senior.) All we need to properly submit your order to CCM is the reference number you create.
Directions for obtaining your reference number are as follows:

  1. CLICK HERE to open customizer in new tab or use the one provided in the window below.
  2. Select Region “CANADA/USA” on map.
  3. Choose which items you intend to add to your order by clicking the check boxes next to “Pads”, “Glove”, and “Blocker” in New Design section.
  4. Choose radio button next to desired model “Intermediate” or “Senior” in top right of New Design Section
  5. Click the blue “Customize New Design” button in top right.
  6. Each item you selected to customize will appear in menu at top of page with one of the items color customizer being shown below menu.
  7. Choose your color schemes for each item, hitting “Next” in the upper right after completing each item.
  8. After all items colors are selected, you will then be taken to the “Specs” section where you choose the specs and quantities for your items. All specs must have a value.
  9. Once all desired colors and specs have been chosen, click the green “Finalize” in the top right of the “Specs” section.
  10. The page will regenerate with a green section at top with the text “Your reference number is XX-XXXXXX-XX”
  11. Copy that reference number and paste in the box provided.
  12. Check items to order then type in the quantity of each item you would like to add to the order (should match quantities of items associated with Reference number)
  13. Add to cart.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 11 in


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